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n East Valley, in 1922, Howard Carter found what was labeled KV62, The Tomb of   Tutankhamun , while many of the tombs and chambers in the area were sacked by thieves, this one was intact and stocked full with treasures. Valuable things as jewelry, statues, and theTutankhamun Pharaoh’s chariot, were valuable fin

KV62 was the last large find until early 2006 when KV63 was excavated; KV64 was later found using radar technology. These recent discoveries are as fascinating as the ones found earlier in the 20th century, though KV64 has yet to be excavated itself.

New finds in the Valley of the Kings show that KV63 is not a tomb, but a storage chamber, as none of the seven coffins hold mummies; instead, there are clay pots used in the mummification process. However, the information has not yet been verified by the Supreme Council of Antiquities, as the find was not properly presented before the Council before sending out news of the find.

01 Staircase

16 steps descend through bedrock toward a doorway.

This doorway was sealed and plastered but showed signs that it had been penetrated by ancient gravediggers at least twice.

02 Entrance corridorTutankhamun

This corridor has a steady descent and was originally filled with limestone chips and rubble to prevent grave robbers.

There is a second plaster door at the end, stamped with King Tut’s royal seal. This door too shows signs of having been opened.

03 Antechamber

This chamber was found in a state of organized chaos, packed full of an array of precious items including King Tut’s throne, two life-sized statues of king Tut and a selection of chariots.

The walls are unusually rough and undecorated, adding to the idea that it was a speedy, unexpected burial.

04 Annex

This is the smallest room in King Tut’s tomb and was found in a state of disarray. It was packed full with furniture, baskets, model boats and more.

It was the final room to be excavated, beginning in October 1927 and ending in spring 1928.

05 Burial chamberTutankhamun

This is the only chamber in King Tut’s tomb that is decorated, with walls painted bright yellow and showing scenes of Tutankhamun with various deities.

The unusual size and lack of detail of these paintings contribute to the idea that it was a hasty burial. The room is filled by four wooden shrines that surround the sarcophagus.

06 Treasury

Accessed by an unblocked doorway, this room was packed full of over 5,000 objects, most of them associated with the funeral or rituals surrounding death.

This room also contained two mummified fetuses that many believe were the stillborn children of the pharaoh.

07 Death mask

Found directly on the mummy inside the third coffin of the sarcophagus, the death mask is made from solid gold and weighs around 24 pounds.

It was designed to ensure that his spirit recognized the body in afterlife.

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