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Booking The Best hotel From Hurghada?
Choosing the right hotel from the city where you find hundreds of hotels is like a wild-goose chase, especially if you are unfamiliar with the city. Most of the hotels in Hurghada have their own private beach, pools, gym, restaurants, some have waterpark or even a spa. How could you possibly know, which hotel is the best for?

Read here, How to choose the best hotel for you in Hurghada?If you google Hurghada hotels, it offers you millions of options from where to choose from among. After googled Hurghada hotels you are probably more confused than before. According to Google, there are only the best hotels in Hurghada. And that’s true. Most of the hotel resorts (especially newest) in Hurghada are very good, high-quality and high-rated. No matter which hotel you choose, it probably won’t be a very bad choice.

But at the end you won’t be staying all the time at your hotel resort, will you? Even you are enjoying your all-inclusive holiday at the hotel, you probably want to see the city, buy some souvenirs, explore the nightlife or go for a little walk. Right?

Finally, after you have read lots of reviews and researched Hurghada hotels for hours, you have five candidate hotels to choose from among. All these hotels are high-rated and all of them have their own speciality. This is where it gets hard. This is the point when LOCATION comes in.

Location is the most important thing when choosing the best hotel for you from Hurghada.

If you want to shop and see the nightlife, you will probably book close to the city center, right? If you want to spend quality time alone with your partner, you will book a hotel from a different area, right? Or what about children which are the best area to stay with kids?


If you are travelling with the kids or disabled people, I’d recommend you to choose a hotel close to El Mamsha (village roads).

Mamsha is a 4 kilometres long pedestrian zone (location from google maps here) from where you find some shops and restaurants. It’s easy to move there with strollers, kids can run and play there without worrying about the traffic and cars driving fast (traffic is crazy in Egypt).

Mamsha is also a good choice for everyone, who prefers a clean, calm and safe area

 Hotels examples in Mamsha: Sindbad aqua club, Siva Grand beach, Grand hotel, Giftun Azur Beach Resort, Steigenberger Aqua Magic, White Beach Albatros.

Many of the newest and best hotel resorts are located in the area between El Mamsha and Sahl Hasheesh (Magawish district, village roads, Sahl Hasheesh road).

Sahl Hasheesh locates about 15 kilometres away from El Mamsha (google maps link here). It’s a very beautiful place with the best beach and 14 km long beach promenade. Between Mamsha and Sahl Hasheesh, you find a shopping center Senzo Mall .

In this area, there are lots of big hotel resorts (Albatros Palace Hotel, Titanic aqua park, Desert Rose resort, Sunrise Garden Beach resort etc.) and some bazaar kind of shops for tourists. Hotels in this area are very nice, but there is not much to see outside.

If you want to go out for a walk, for example, you need to use our Limo Service 🙂

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If you want more action to choose a hotel closer to Sheraton road/Sakala.

Old Sheraton road between Mamsha and Sakkala is a good choice, even for the ones who don’t want that much action. Old Sheraton road is much calmer than Sheraton road, but it’s close to both Mamsha and Sheraton road (Sakala).

Sheraton Road is a very busy and noisy road, from where you find lots of shops and restaurants (Google maps location here).

sheraton street ,the best hotel in hurghada
sheraton street ,the best hotel in hurghada

Traffic in Sheraton Road is extreme, and the pavements are high, which doesn’t make it ideal for children and disabled persons. For the ones, who want action and don’t mind noisy surroundings Sheraton Road is a good choice. Personally, Sheraton is my favourite area in Hurghada, but for some people, it’s too much.

Sheraton Road is a walking distance away from Marina, which is a must to see in Hurghada. Marina is one of the places in Hurghada, where accessibility is good.

Hotels in Sheraton Road: Sea Gull resort, Bella Vista, Mini Mark, Regina resorts. 

Last but not least, Dahar (Downtown) and Arabia area (Location here).

Dahar is the oldest part of Hurghada, and there you can actually see the sea. In other parts of the city hotels hide sea very effectively, most of the time I don’t even remember I live next to the sea. In Dahar you find bazaars (souk) and can get touched with authentic Egypt. It’s a very busy area and not so easy to move with children.

There are some good budget hotels in Dahar (Triton Empire, Magic beach). The biggest hotel resorts probably are Sunny days Palma de Mirette in Arabia area or Hilton hotel, that located next to the new shopping center Hurghada city mall.

All in all, you can always move between different area by taxi or microbus. No matter which area your hotel locates, I recommend you to visit them all. All the areas have their own atmosphere and personality. This is what I love in Hurghada. Everything for everyone.

Which is your favourite area? Mine is Sheraton, but for the first-timers, it may be a little bit too much. But who knows which you like the MOST before you COME AND SEE  yourself.

If you book your hotel through booking link below, I will hopefully get some commission. If not at least remember to check hotel reviews from booking and TripAdvisor, before booking.

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I hope I helped you to choose the best hotel for you,

Enjoy your holiday,

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