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Hurghada ..There are multiple choices for things you can do in Hurghada on your holiday. Whether you are travelling with kids, friends or alone, there are things to do for everyone in Hurghada.

Some of the things to do in this list are free and some cost money. Read the list and be inspired, for sure there is something you couldn’t imagine doing.

You decide what’s the best thing for you to do in Hurghada!

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Sit down and admire the beautiful sea view. One of the most photographed places in Hurghada must be Felfala beach. Felfela beach is located in Old Sheraton road between Sheraton road and El Mamsha. The name of the palace comes from the old restaurant called Felfala.

Felfela resturant old sheraton

Felfela used to be one of the most popular restaurants in Hurghada Egypt.

The restaurant used to be one of the most popular restaurants in Hurghada. Unfortunately, it’s not open anymore.

Felfela beach is located under the small hill, opposite to Granada restaurant. The view from up to the beach and the sea is amazing.

Going down to Felfala beach is actually forbidden, but people still sneak to the beach. When you look down from the up, you see many people swimming and spending time down there.

I recommend you to admire the sea from up instead of going down to the beach on your own. If you decide to go down to the beach, you do it with your own responsibility.

Some people also fish from the Felfala beach. If you are interested in FISHING there is a change to book a fishing trip.


Big Mosque – El Mina Masjid

hurghada big mousque -egytipstravel

A large waterfront religious site, Mosque El Mina Masjid contrasts the busy city with its silent, peaceful atmosphere. You can visit on your own, or join a guided tour and learn more about the site, while admiring its grandeur and detailed decorations. While quite new, the mosque enjoys popularity with worshipers and visitors alike. Women are required to cover up prior to going inside. Take a look at our City Tour to schedule your visit to Mosque El Mina Masjid and learn about what else to see and do during your holiday.


El Halaka – Fish Market

Many of the visitors who want to visit or visit Hurghada are invited to visit the fish market in Hurghada

About EL Halaka Hurghada:
Fish Market , located inside the fishing port of Hurghada famous port area scaffolding, is the oldest neighborhoods and areas in Hurghada.
The Hurghada fish market is located directly on the sea, but suffers occasional neglect.

What is inside EL Halaka Hurghada?

In the fish Market , a number of fishermen’s bakeries, where dozens of fishermen selling hundreds of species of fish; and come to purchase thousands of citizens a day in addition to the tourists who visit the workshop.

Thanks to its proximity to the tourist areas of Hurghada, the fish ring has become a tourist attraction for tourist attractions, as well as adjacent to Hurghada tourist marina, the famous port mosque and Hurghada seaport.

What happens in EL Halaka Hurghada?

The fish market, the main center for the sale of fresh fish in Hurghada, where the fishermen come to them as they descend from their boats to unload their goods and start the sale to consumers, and restaurant owners, to be auctioned on prices.

Fish ring is a direct stock of fish, where fish are sold to the public directly from the supplier, at varying prices according to supply and demand.

And the movement of sales and purchase within the fish ring, have certain seasons, where the movement of sales with the near holidays, and with some seasons, especially during the summer, where the summer is the season of overcrowding on the resorts and the influx of a large number of visitors from outside the province.

Selling prices inside EL Halaka Hurghada:
As for the prices of the sale within the fish ring, the price of a kilo of the thickness of the feeling to 120 pounds, and Elhoret 80 pounds, white 50 pounds, shrimps importer exceeded 180 pounds, according to the latest update of the price list in the fish ring.

There are also many types of fish, inside the fish ring, such as the thickness of the mackerel, which costs up to 40 pounds, and the gift of 25 pounds, while the price of the thickness of the barracuda to 25 pounds.

The fish market in Hurghada has many kinds of fish that can be sold elsewhere.
Working hours of fish market Hurghada:
The fish market operates around the clock and can be visited at any time of the day.


Hurghada Marina

City Tour from hurghada new marina

is a small marina with a capacity of about 200 yachts with lengths ranging from 10 to 100 meters.
The marina is filled with many shops and shops dedicated to cafés and bars, with an extensive infrastructure that provides all the necessary services; to anchor a wide variety of yachts.

What do you see inside Hurghada Marina?

Within Hurghada Marina, there are many restaurants, cafés and bars offering hot and cold drinks at reasonable prices for all. The following are some of the characteristic shops and cafés that can be visited upon entering the marina:

Ice cream shop: Ice cream is a traditional dessert around the world. In this shop you will find many types of ice cream, including Italian type, or gelato which consists of whole milk, eggs, sugar and natural flavors. In this shop you will find a small place where children can While playing ice cream, the shop also organizes a range of yacht cruises.

Hurghada Marina Amsterdam Bar: A Dutch bar located in Hurghada, offers you everything that would make you feel in the Netherlands.

The bar has everything you want to find, including food, drinks, shisha and entertainment, which will make your stay enjoyable. The bar also offers live entertainment through many of the city’s most famous talents.
Baba Matrix: serves as a tourist café and cafeteria where you can watch different games, with cold drinks or hot drinks, and enjoy your stay in the outdoor or indoor air-conditioned area.

is a cozy place where you can hang out with your friends. The place has an outdoor seating area with a specific menu and drinks you want. The place is also suitable for friends, family gatherings and parties.
Hippo Theme: A club where you can enjoy and let your children enjoy at the same time.



Hurghada, el Dahar , Egytipstravel

It’s also called Downtown. One could say, that El Dahar is the most Egyptian area in Hurghada. Other areas are built around tourism, so if you want to see and explore real Egypt in Hurghada, go to El Dahar.

Among with its authentic atmosphere, El Dahar is famous for its’ Vegetable market (El Dahar market), Souk (Bazaar area) and Coptic Church. All of these are free to charge and should be visited.

All of these things to see and experience in El Dahar are located around El Dahar Square. El Dahar square in Arabic midan el Dahar is the heart of El Dahar.

Everything is a walking distance away from it. When you go to visit Dahar, ask a taxi, uber or careem to take you to El Dahar Square (Midan el Dahar).

Last time I paid 30 Egyptian pounds for Uber from the beginning of Sheraton Street to El Dahar square. If you take a microbus El Dahar square is the last stop. Microbus costs 2 Egyptian pounds from Sheraton to Dahar.

When you stand in the front of the GAD-restaurant; Souk (Bazaar) area and a Coptic Church are on your right side. If you keep walking right after you pass the Coptic Church, you will end up to the sea. Not to sea, but the seaside of the Dahar.

A bazaar is almost next to GAD restaurant on your right. You turn right from the first street and you will end up to the bazaar area.

If you want to go to El Dahar vegetable market, look ahead to your left side and you see the El Dahar market. It’s almost impossible to miss it.

Note! If you are a sensitive person towards animals; be aware of the fact that in El Dahar market (and everywhere around Egypt) you may see caged chickens and other animals dead or alive.

Visiting the church is free and recommend .

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