Giftun Island

Giftun island from egytipstravel
giftun island from egytipstravel
The island of Giftun is the first natural reserve in the Red Sea and is one of the most important natural habitat
for the birds of the seagull, where about 50% of the world’s seagulls, in addition to other species of birds and reptiles.
The islands of the Red Sea can be divided into oceanic islands that have the characteristics of islands formed at the bottom .
of the ocean at great depths due to the accumulation of a volcanic eruption above the mountain level.
The second type of island is the coastal islands located close to the West Coast, such as the Safaga Islands, The Strait of Mountains
is located in front of the southern tip of the Gulf of Suez.

The island of Giftun was separated by cracking operations into:

   * The largest island of the Giftun Islands is 18 km 2 and stretches in length about 11 km from the coast of Hurghada. Its coastline is 34 km at 1.9 km per km 2 of its total area.
    * The small island of Jiftun, an area of ​​3 km2, is located to the southeast of the large island of Jiftun, with a length of 8 km and increasing in the south and north.

The tourist importance of the island 

      The “Giftun” is the first in terms of importance to the tourism sector as it is the only island allowed to get them only characterized by its location near the city of Hurghada and its soft sand and the surrounding sites of diving.


Giftun island from
he Giftun is home to 14 of the most beautiful diving sites in Hurghada, as well as a variety of natural resources starting from the beautiful sand and beautiful beaches. Due to its greattourist importance, the island of Jiftun is one of the pillars of the economy of the Red Sea and the national economy because of its high economic values, big.
For more Info about Giftun island snorkeling tips 

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