Egypt Travel Visa and all kinds of entry visa

Egypt travel visa -

Egypt travel visa is a document given to non-citizens allowing them to enter a foreign country and remain there within specific limitations like the time frame of entry, a limit on the time spent and a prohibition against employment. There are three different kinds of entry visa: Visa-free The visa on arrival Egypt electronic visa (e-visa) Travel …

Some Tips To choose The Best Hotel From Hurghada ,Egypt

the best hotels in Hurghada from egytipstravel

Booking The Best hotel From Hurghada? Choosing the right hotel from the city where you find hundreds of hotels is like a wild-goose chase, especially if you are unfamiliar with the city. Most of the hotels in Hurghada have their own private beach, pools, gym, restaurants, some have waterpark or even a spa. How could you possibly …

History of The Red Sea

The History of the Red Seadiving trip in hurghada

The History of the Red Sea The first exploration of the Red Sea started around 2500 BC. In the 6th century, Darius I of Persia made the Red Sea his navigation project. After two centuries, Alexander the great continued the exploration process and he sent his naval expeditions to harness the resources . From that time, the Red Sea …

Egypt’s Top 10 Ancient Sights

ancient egypt by egytipstravel

If you’re planning a trip to Egypt , make time for exploring the country’s myriad ancient treasures. The civilization of Ancient Egypt lasted for more than 3,000 years, during which time its rulers made their mark upon their kingdoms with a series of increasingly impressive monumental building projects. The architects of Ancient Egypt were so advanced that …

Giftun Island

Giftun island from egytipstravel

The island of Giftun is the first natural reserve in the Red Sea and is one of the most important natural habitat for the birds of the seagull, where about 50% of the world’s seagulls, in addition to other species of birds and reptiles. The islands of the Red Sea can be divided into oceanic islands that …

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